Why Has Cancer Become So Common? What Makes Young People Succumb To Cancer? Many More Queries Answered By Luke Coutinho

Why Has Cancer Become So Common? What Makes Young People Succumb To Cancer? Many More Queries Answered By Luke Coutinho

Cancer prevention: Cancer is less likely to occur in people with a strong immune system

Cancer causes: Ever wondered why so many people are getting cancer? Is cancer genetic? Why many people die or cancer? And, why cancer comes back even after treatment? Numerous of such mind-boggling questions were addressed by lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho in his recent live session on Facebook. As is the case with most diseases, finding the root cause of cancer is probably the best way to prevent it and keep it away. It can be poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, overeating of junk food, etc.

In his video, Luke highlights how change in environment, eating pattern, air pollution and quality of food are major contributors to increasing incidence of cancer.

Understanding Cancer Survival Statistics

As part of your cancer care, your doctor may show you survival statistics. This information can help you understand how your disease is likely to progress. The statistics come from the medical histories of large groups of similar cancer patients.

Here are some of the most common questions about cancer answered by Luke:

1. While everyone is eating the same food (which is probably adulterated and contains harmful chemicals and pesticides) and breathing the same air, why only some people get cancer and other’s don’t?

Blame it on a weak immune system. If you have a strong immune system and organs like liver, kidney and lungs are functioning properly, then you are less likely to get cancer. All the toxins that you get into the system through poor quality food and air will get flushed out of your body on time and cancer is less likely to hit you.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help in preventing cancer
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2. Is cancer genetic?

Cancer can be genetic as well. 5-7% of cancers are genetic, informs Luke. Ovarian cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer are some known genetic cancers. But the rest of the cancers are related to poor lifestyle.

3. Despite availability of treatment, why are so many people dying of cancer?

We have sufficient doctors, medicine and machinery for cancer treatment but many people still succumb to cancer. It is probably because of the fact that these conventional treatments take care of cancer symptoms only, and not the root cause of it. Luke says that you can continue with chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments, but if you don’t work on improving your immune system, the cancer is likely to develop again or become more aggressive over time.

It is thus important to focus on improving your immune system along with ongoing cancer treatment in order to treat it holistically and prevent it from coming back.