Here’s The Secret To Kareena’s Look In This Recent Song- Diet Plan Revealed By Her Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Here's The Secret To Kareena's Look In This Recent Song- Diet Plan Revealed By Her Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Kareena Kapoor’s diet included the likes of rice and parantha: Know the diet plan in the story below

Kareena Kapoor diet plan: For long-term, sustainable weight loss, it is important to follow a diet plan without any side effects. And for those want a body like Kareena Kapoor Khan, you have landed at the right place! Her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar makes it a point to share some of her top diet and fitness secrets on social media. It was just recently that Rujuta posted the diet plan of Kareena for her look in the song Chandigarh Mein from the film Good Newwz. The diet plan-mentions Rujuta-was followed by Kareena a week before the shoot of the song. “Every time you watch her sizzle on screen, and if you have wondered khaati kya hai, here’s what it is,” writes Rujuta in her post.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diet plan for her look in the song Chandigarh Mein

You will be surprised to know that Kareena’s diet plan was indeed a simple one with homemade food. No, her diet didn’t include the likes of low-carb kale chips, fat-free milk or salads. In fact, it was a diverse mix of nutritious and hydrating foods, that are time-tested and versatile in nature.


It is not necessary to eat only salads and low-carb foods for weight loss and fitness
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Week-long diet plan for Kareena by Rujuta Diwekar

1. First thing in the morning

Soaked black raisins with kesar (this combination can also be an excellent remedy for period pain)

2. For breakfast

One parantha with chutney. Rujuta believes that you can maintain a healthy weight and good health by eating what your families have been eating. Parantha is a traditional breakfast food in Punjabi culture. You can make stuffed with parantha using seasonal vegetables like gobi, methi, mooli, aloo, paneer or dal. Stuffed parantha cooked with the right amount of oil and a dollop of ghee on top is the perfect combination of carbs, fibre, fat and protein that you need for breakfast on a sustainable weight loss diet.

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3. Mid-meal post breakfast

Nariyal pani with a pinch of sabja (basil) seeds. This hydrating drink is all you need to beat mid-meal cravings. It is also a great way to get rid of bloating you feel this time of the day.

4. Lunch

Dahi rice and one papad. Probiotics in dahi rice is what you need for a healthy gut and gut microbiome. Dahi or curd contains probiotics that can improve digestion. A papad along with this time-tested dish is needed for extra crunch and flavour.