Jacqueline Fernandez shares her beauty tips and hacks with her fans!

Sri-Lankan beauty, Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her glowing skin and luscious hair. But like every other normal girl, even Jacqueline has a few skin problems. She recently posted a black and white photo of hers and flaunted her bare beauty face and wrote: Open pores, freckles and scars. “Freckles aren’t really a problem for me, I got them from my mum and I actually love them,” she further added. While her all-natural photo got a lot of likes, she took to the comments section and answered her fans’ beauty queries. Here’s a look at all useful beauty tips and hacks shared by Jacqueline:

02/8​My skin is so oily, what can I do?

The actress answered a fan’s concern of oily skin. She commented, “My skin is oily too! I make sure I clean it twice a day and use a very light moisturiser. Also, lots of Vitamin C.”