Know how tea tree oil can help you to get rid of moles

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Moles might make you a bit conscious about your appearance but they are not dangerous at all. It occurs when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. If you have them on any exposed parts of your body do not worry as there are plenty of options to remove them naturally. The best moleremoval ingredient is Tea Tree oil.

What are the benefits of tea tree oil?
This magical ingredient can treat many skin, hair and nails related concerns. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation. It can also treat skin issues like dermatitis because tea tree oil is antimicrobial in nature. It can also prevent the occurrence of infections. If you have acne and breakouts, this is the best ingredient you should opt for. According to various studies, tea tree oil is best in treating breakouts and acne. It is very effective in controlling the occurrence of nail fungal infections as well.

Can tea tree oil remove moles?
Honestly, there are not many studies to back up this ingredient for mole removal. But yes, few studies claim that using tea tree for mole removal is a no-risk treatment. It is very effective if the moles are not deeply rooted in the skin. It can be also used for treating skin tags and warts. If you use it daily it will make the mole dries out and fall off eventually. Moles that are shallow can be easily removed with the application of tea tree oil.

How to use:
Take a small cotton swab, pour the undiluted form of tea tree oil into it. Then place the cotton swab on the mole and fix it using an adhesive tape. And for several hours leave this cotton swab fixed on the mole. Remove the swab and then wash the area with water. One should use this twice or thrice daily to get rid of moles.

Another way to use it take a Q-tip and dip it in tea tree oil. Apply it on the mole, let it dry. Do this daily. But make sure you clean your face properly before applying tea tree oil.

How long does it take to remove moles?
It basically depends on the size of the mole. The moles that have shallow roots can be removed easily by using tea tree oil. Smaller mole may take around two weeks to fall off, whereas larger ones may take about one month. However, malignant moles might not respond to this form of a treatment. Be patient and wait for the result!