10 interesting health benefits of custard apple

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1. What makes custard apple so healthy?

What makes custard apple so healthy?

What we call ‘sharifa’ or ‘sitaphal’ in Hindi, is nothing else but the fancy ‘Custard Apple’ that we relish in bakery shops and restaurants in form of desserts and shakes. This soft and chewy fruit with a hard exterior is white in colour and has a creamy texture and is also full of nutrients. If you don’t know, it is also a smart alternative to dairy products and lactose intolerant people prefer it in many countries. Let’s have a look at its interesting health benefits.

2. Controls diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, start eating custard apple in order to lower the blood glucose levels. Also, the dietary fibre present in custard apple helps slow down the absorption of sugar.

3. Prevents heart attack

Rich in magnesium, custard apple helps prevent cardiac issues. Also, vitamin B6 in custard apple helps control homocysteine, an amino acid that increases the risk of heart diseases.

4. Heals wound

According to research, the seeds of custard apple are effective in healing minor injuries. They also speed-up skin cell re-growth and provide instant relief in pain. They also have anti-bacterial properties.

5. Aids digestion

Rich in copper and dietary fibre, custard apple is effective in digestion and also smoothens bowel movement. According to health experts, custard apple powder along with water is effective against diarrhoea.

6. Prevents cancer

According to a study, custard apple leaf extract is toxic to breast cancer cells. Full of antioxidants, custard apple helps fight free radicals and protects cells from any damage.

7. Healthy skin and hair

Custard apple is rich in vitamin A that works as a magic wand for skin and hair. When applied on skin and hair, it works as a moisturizing agent that also controls other signs of aging. The pup is also effective against boils and ulcers.

8. Healthy gums and teeth

Experts suggest using the outer skin of custard apple to clean mouth once a week. It is helpful in combating tooth decay and weak gums.

9. Prevents asthma

As an asthma patient if you are done with anjeer and radish juice, then try custard apple, that is rich in vitamin B6 and helps reduce bronchial inflammation and further prevents an asthma attack.

10. Healthy weight

Want to gain weight? All you need to do is to take a bowl, add some honey and fresh pulp of custard apple. Eat this sweet mixture daily for required weight and calories.

11. Helpful during pregnancy

According to gynecologists, eating custard apple during pregnancy reduces the risk of miscarriage, controls morning sickness, and also minimizes labour pain. Eating custard apple after pregnancy helps increase the production of breast milk.