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Exercise tips, here’s why breath is the most important thing during workout

Not your form, posture or workout gear; these are secondary when it comes to getting a good workout done. The most important thing to concentrate on is your breath. We breathe all the time, yet pay very little attention to the right techniques, especially during a workout. Breath is an… Read more »

The get-ripped-anywhere outdoor workout series

IF YOU THINK training with only your body weight limits you, you’re not thinking outside the box. No, really: You’ve been cooped up in the gym too long. Whenever it’s nice enough to get out of the gym, it’s time to take your workouts outdoors and leave the weights behind. All you need to make… Read more »

Elliptical Workout: 5 Exercises to Try With It

Elliptical workout consists of those exercises that are done on a cross-trainer or an elliptical trainer. Physical activities like running, walking or climbing stairs are done on these machines without harming or putting any pressure on our knee joints. It is great for cardioand total-body workout. It focuses on your hamstrings, calves,… Read more »

A Single Workout Session Can Have An Immediate Effect on the Brain

The efficacy and importance of regular exercising is hugely underestimated. The World Health Organistion suggests every adult to indulge in at least 150 minutes of moderate to rigorous intensity activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is one of the biggest perpetrators of lifestyle diseases today and regular exercising is… Read more »