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An Expert’s Advice On How To Tackle Anxious And Stressful Thoughts

People who suffer from anxiety know how hard it is to deal with. Anxiety disorders bring with them a lot scary and worrying thoughts, which may or may not have any basis in truth. Sometimes these thoughts get too intense to handle and can hamper your everyday life. Although anxiety is… Read more »

Work from home is not for everyone, people with low stress levels are best suited for it

People with high emotional stability and autonomy are best suited for remote work opportunities. A new Baylor University study examined the impact of remote work on employee well-being and offered several strategies to help managers provide remote work opportunities that are valuable to the employee and the company. “Any organisation,… Read more »

Long Work Hours May Pose Heart Risk, Here Are 6 Foods Which Can Help Cut Down Stress

A recent study published in the European Heart Journal, comes as a wake-up call to all those who have been working extra hours at their workplace. As per the British study, spending long hours at work may increase the risk of developing an irregular heart rhythm — known as atrial… Read more »

Weekend without stress: Here’s our list of top studies that help you fight the blues

Stress is an inevitable part of modern life. Yet it can harm your physical and mental health and increase rate of mortality. Read on to find out what the harmful effects of stress and what to do about it. Cycling lowers stress levels. (Shutterstock) 1) Cycling to work lowers stress… Read more »

Workplace Stress May Make You Eat Unhealthy, Proper Sleep Can Help Undo the Damage

Undeniably, stress and junk food consumption have long been linked. Experts believe that stress can alter body’s response and processes in a way that makes us take dietary decisions accordingly. A recent study conducted by the experts at the Michigan State University, US notes that stress at workplace may lead… Read more »

Feeling Overqualified May Trigger Stress in Workers: Load Up on Nuts and Chocolates to Feel Better

Stress can be triggered due to a host of factors. Unfortunately, professional dissatisfaction is one of the biggest reasons for most young professionals to succumb and give in to acute stress. Experts at the Florida Atlantic University in America have found that employees who feel overqualified for their current job are… Read more »

Feeling blue: Your children can ‘catch’ stress from friends and teachers in school

Are you feeling stress out? Blame it on your fellow batch mates or colleagues. New research suggests that if students and teachers of a school appear to be stressed, the chances of the same feeling percolating to a new colleague are quite high. The study, published in the journal Teaching and… Read more »

Yoga And Meditation Can Help Beat Stress At Molecular Level

The stress-laden lifestyle, is escalating to such a level that it has started to interfere with one’s general well-being and hindering overall mind and body development. But things may not have gone completely out of control yet, according to a latest study, practising mind-body interventions, such as meditation, yoga and… Read more »

Cycling to Work May Help Beat Stress and Increase Your Work Output

To lead a healthy lifestyle, other than minding your diet, you also need to make an effort to partake in physical activities. This is a habit that you need to make consciously. Be it walking, running, yoga, aerobics or swimming, even 30 minutes of some sort of activity daily can… Read more »