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Lack of sleep makes people more prone to falls, finds study

A recent study has linked disrupted sleep with reduced capability to control posture and balance. The researchers found that a single bad night sleep can decrease your chance of controlling posture, thereby increasing the risk of fall. The study, conducted at the University of Warwick, appears in the journal Scientific Reports. The research shows that fragmented… Read more »

Stick to a regular sleep schedule for long-term heart health

Not only does a regular bedtime improve sleep quality, it is just as important for heart and metabolic health among older adults, finds a study. In a study of 1,978 older adults, researchers at Duke Health and the Duke Clinical Research Institute found people with irregular sleep patterns weighed more, had higher… Read more »

Feeling tired and sleepy? This test will detect if you are sleep deprived

Being sleep deprived can lead to many problems. Drowsy driving can be dangerous for both the drivers and the other people on road; it can cause accidents and crashes. In order to stop this, researchers have developed a blood test to examine whether one has skipped a night’s sleep. During… Read more »

Restless legs syndrome ups risk of sleep disturbances in pregnancy

According to a new study, pregnant women who have restless legs syndrome (RLS) are twice as likely to experience poor sleep quality, poor daytime function and excessive daytime sleepiness. RLS is an irresistible urge to move your legs typically in the evenings. The results showed that 36% of women in… Read more »

Does your child grind her teeth in sleep? It’s a sign she is being bullied at school

Teeth-grinding in teenagers during sleep could be a sign that they are being bullied at school, a study suggests. The study by an oral health charity in the UK found that adolescents who suffer from bullying are far more likely to grind their teeth in their sleep, a sign which… Read more »

Poor sleep may point to onset of Alzheimer’s disease: study

Poor, disrupted sleep may indicate the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in people who are otherwise healthy, a study warns. Researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US found that people who reported worse sleep quality, more sleep problems and daytime sleepiness had more biological markers for Alzheimer’s disease in their… Read more »

Having a purpose in life can help you sleep better : Research

Older adults who live with a purpose in life are more likely to have a good night sleep and less sleep apnoea as well as restless leg syndrome, a study has showed. Individuals have more sleep disturbances and insomnia as they get older. But, the findings demonstrated that people who… Read more »

Restless legs syndrome may cut sleep quality in pregnancy: Research

Pregnant women with restless legs syndrome (RLS) are more likely to have poor sleep quality, excessive daytime sleepiness and poor daytime function, researchers say. RLS is a condition characterised by a nearly irresistible urge to move the legs, typically in the evenings. The results showed that 36 per cent of… Read more »

Poor Night Sleep May Increase Alzheimer's Risk: How To Get Better Sleep According To Scientists

Long periods of poor sleep can boost levels of proteins linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers of a new study have revealed. Sleep And Alzheimer’s Disease In the study published in the journal Brain, Yo-El Ju, from the Washington University in St. Louis, and colleagues found evidence suggesting that… Read more »

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Experts Point at the Importance of Regular Sleep

A latest study published in the journal sleep reports that people who sleep less during the weekdays and try to make up for it by sleeping more on the weekends are more susceptible to heart ailments and diabetes. Sleep deprivation has severe repercussions ranging from mood swings, lethargy to even… Read more »