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Lucknow University’s student filmmakers’ work to be showcased by DD

Lucknow: State-owned broadcaster Doordarshan’s Lucknow centre will telecast documentary films made on social issues by the students of journalism and mass communication at the University of Lucknow (LU). An agreement to this effect was signed by LU and Doordarshan officials in the presence of Uttar Pradesh governor Ram Naik on Saturday…. Read more »

Airlift: This Lucknow company is planning to deliver food using drones

When hunger beckons, is fast food home delivery your only hope? While you might be waiting impatiently at home for the food to arrive, the ones delivering it, on most occasions are busy dodging traffic snarls. Sometimes, doing it within the prescribed time becomes a major hurdle. Keeping this in… Read more »

Heaven On Your Plate: From kebabs to biryani, food is serious business in Lucknow

Lucknow’s famous poet Ghulam Hamadan Mushafi (1747-1824) is not the only one to use a kebab simile to describe the anguish and fire in a lover’s heart. So engrained has the kebab been in the lives of the people of Awadh, that it is difficult to think of Lucknow without… Read more »

Restoring student polls in Lucknow and other varsities on VCs conference agenda

Lucknow: Restoration of student union elections in state universities will be discussed at the vice chancellor’s (VCs) conference to be held in Lucknow on Thursday. More than 20 heads of universities will be participating in the first, the first of its kind after the BJP government came to power in… Read more »