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Heaven On Your Plate: From kebabs to biryani, food is serious business in Lucknow

Lucknow’s famous poet Ghulam Hamadan Mushafi (1747-1824) is not the only one to use a kebab simile to describe the anguish and fire in a lover’s heart. So engrained has the kebab been in the lives of the people of Awadh, that it is difficult to think of Lucknow without… Read more »

Food that tastes so nice, you say it twice: Burma Burma

Myanmar, or erstwhile Burma, is a country shaped by many influences and Burmese food as opposed to its common perception of it being an ineligible straggler in the hierarchy of Asian cuisines is actually a beautiful medley of cultural mix. Influenced by rich flavours from countries such as India, China… Read more »

The food at Trend is a marriage of local flavours and Asian and French techniques

At the less-than-a-month-old restaurant, Trend, at Ansal Plaza in Delhi, one may not recognise the dish but the smell and the taste sure seem familiar. The restaurant experiments inventively with traditional Indian recipes by taking a modernist culinary approach. The food is not a “Frenchification” of Indian cuisine but a… Read more »

6 Tips That Will Help You Take The Best Food Photographs

Do you wonder how some people always manage to ace their food pictures and the ones you click, in contrast, look all dull and boring? Social media platforms are now overloaded with pictures of food that are beautiful, tasteful, enticing and sometime just plain gorgeous. Food photography is a skill that can… Read more »

Food for thought: How healthy are frozen fruits and vegetables?

Last month, actor and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow and tennis champion Serena Williams backed a US-based brand, Daily Harvest. It offers a range of frozen smoothies, soups, and meal bowls, made with predominantly organic superfood ingredients. Which begs the question: is frozen food as good for you as fresh? Wellness… Read more »

Harmful Chemicals and Plastic Matter in Food Linked to Risk of Chronic Diseases in Men

Do you usually consume foods packed in plastic? Experts now suggest that potentially harmful chemicals found in plastic products, such as phthalates, may pose severe threat to human health. Researchers at the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute joined hands to investigate the presence… Read more »

Eyeing that donut? Your food choice may reveal struggle to resist temptation

Wondering what to order the next time you eat out? Pick wisely, as it may tell a lot about you. A study has recently revealed that people, who choose unhealthy food over healthy food in real time, had a lower self-control to resist temptation. Researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus, USA… Read more »

6 Dishes from Udupi Every South Indian Food Lover Must Try

If there’s one Indian dish that can give Butter Chicken a serious run in terms of International presence, it’s the Masala Dosa. I’ve stumbled upon multiple versions of this crispy dosa slathered with a potato filling (known as palya in Karnataka) from Denver to Melbourne. The Masala Dosa is one of the most ordered dishes in restaurants… Read more »

Beyond Momos: The Flavourful Guide to Ladakh Food (Ladakhi Cuisine)

The northernmost corner of the country, Leh Ladakh is one of the places that is on everyone’s road trip bucket list. Several movies have been shot in the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh amidst the clear blue skies, in spite of this region being so difficult to access and geographically isolated. We’re all… Read more »