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Avoid high-fat, high-sugar diet if you are trying to get pregnant

A high-fat and high-sugar diet can result in the impairment of future fertility in women, suggests a study. Researchers studied two weight-matched groups of female rats. One group was given free access to a high-fat, high-sugar (HFHS) diet, and the other group was offered unlimited amounts of standard rodent food…. Read more »

Fertility problems, uterine defects can affect chances of pregnancy

Turns out, uterine defects or the problems related to uterus affects the chances of a woman to conceive or carry the fetus to term. Mullerian Anomalies referred to as the defects associated with abnormal development of the uterus or the fallopian tube accounts to infertility in around 10% of the… Read more »

‘Ovarian tissue freezing’ may provide hope for fertility treatment : Research

Ovarian tissue freezing can be an alternative method to promote fertility, especially in women who cannot undergo egg freezing due to cancer or other medical reasons, researchers say. The procedure which is still considered experimental involves removal and freezing of ovarian tissue for later use. The study, published in the… Read more »