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New smartphone app offers non-invasive test for diabetics

British scientists have developed a new smartphone app that can help measure and monitor blood glucose levels without using a drop of blood, a finding that can transform lives of millions of people with diabetes. The app — called as Epic Health — replaces the need for diabetics to prick… Read more »

These tattoos changes colour depending on blood-sugar level and could be the next big boon for diabetics

Love getting inked? With time we have come across various tattoo trends, from minimalist tattoos to elaborate colourful tattoos, that says a story of their own. But do you think it’s just a fashion statement? While there may have been few bizarre and unusual tattoo trends in the last couple… Read more »

Diet diary: A sweet potato for weight watchers and diabetics

DESPITE its name, sweet potato is not related to the potato family and is quite different nutritionally too. While the potato is a tuber or a thickened stem, the sweet potato is a storage root and loaded with nutrients, has made it to the list of top 10 diabetes super… Read more »

85% Diabetics Face Amputations Due to the Lack of Proper Treatment

It is a commonly known fact that India is the diabetes capital of the world. With every passing year, more and more people are falling prey to this dangerous, life-threatening disease. Besides causing fluctuation in sugar levels, diabetes can also sprout various other health problems. One such issue is wounds…. Read more »