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Chinese takeaways can tackle dementia, claims study

A group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily functioning can be described as dementia. Dementia involves memory loss and you may experience memory loss due to various reasons. So memory loss alone doesn’t mean that even you have dementia there can be other reasons… Read more »

Heavy drinking and even abstinence from alcohol may up dementia risk: Study

A new study has found that alcohol abuse or even abstaining from it might develop a higher risk of dementia in middle-aged people. However, the researchers warned that the results do not encourage people who do not drink to start drinking. “The findings strengthen the evidence that excessive alcohol consumption… Read more »

Surprisingly teetotallers, like big drinkers, are more prone to dementia

People who have sworn off alcohol for decades or longer run a higher risk of dementia late in life than moderate drinkers, according to a study published Wednesday. Long-term teetotallers were roughly 50% more likely to suffer Alzheimers or another form of neurodegenerative disease, scientists reported in the BMJ, a… Read more »

Don’t ignore dizziness when standing up, you may be at risk of dementia

People who feel faint, dizzy or lightheaded when standing up, caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure, may be at greater risk of developing dementia or stroke decades later, according to a study done by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US. The study, published in journal of the American Academy… Read more »

Playing crossword puzzles keeps dementia away. Here’s how

If you enjoy playing word puzzles and crosswords, you’ll love what a new study has found. Solving crosswords may improve brain function and keep your brain ten years younger, say researchers. The results indicated that the more regularly people engaged with word puzzles, the better they performed on cognitive tasks… Read more »

Eating oranges, grapefruit daily can reduce risk of dementia among the elderly: Study

Older adults who consume orange and grapefruit every day can lower the risk of dementia by 23%, finds a study. Researchers from Tohuku University in Japan have found that daily intake of any citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes can cut the chances of developing the incurable… Read more »

New 'Brain Training' App May Help Improve Memory in Early Stages of Dementia

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a game that can delay cognitive decline in patients suffering from dementia. The transitional phase between healthy ageing and dementia is known as Amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI). During this period, a person may experience memory problems. It has been seen that cognitive… Read more »