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Essential Health And Diet Tips For Marathon Runners

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If you are a marathon runner, you’d know it is not easy to run long distances in a given time period. You require long training runs; therefore, it is important to practice proper hydration strategies, stay fit, and most importantly, eat healthy food. For marathon runners, food is more than just simple… Read more »

Brush your teeth twice daily if you are suffering from diabetes

Talking about diabetes, we usually keep the discussion limited to managing blood sugar, proper diet and the importance of exercising. But the condition needs more attention than you think. It affects every organ in your body and at times leads to other complications, such as a kidney or heart problems. In… Read more »

These tattoos changes colour depending on blood-sugar level and could be the next big boon for diabetics

Love getting inked? With time we have come across various tattoo trends, from minimalist tattoos to elaborate colourful tattoos, that says a story of their own. But do you think it’s just a fashion statement? While there may have been few bizarre and unusual tattoo trends in the last couple… Read more »