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Indian consumers aware about ingredients used in beauty products, can’t be fooled, say experts

Indian consumers are aware and updated about the ingredients used in beauty products and they can’t be fooled with wrong information, says Sweden-based global skin care expert Allison Toledano. “Natural ingredients are in trend,” Toledano told IANS here. “The more transparent we will be about natural ingredients, the better it will be. Now… Read more »

Go Crazy For Coconut With 4 Coconut Oil Enriched Beauty Products

Although coconut oil has been ingrained in Indian culture for centuries, the world at large has only recently discovered its innumerable benefits. Coconut oil is advantageous in wellness, cooking and most importantly, beauty. Not only is it packed with moisturising properties, coconut oil is also an antibacterial and antifungal agent…. Read more »

5 Beauty Products That You Can Snag From Your Boyfriend

Write it down to shortage of space in the bathroom cabinet or a light wallet at the end of the month; sometimes purchasing new beauty products just doesn’t feature in your plans. In times like these, borrow from your boyfriend. You may hardly believe it’s true but it really is… Read more »