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No oven? ‘Bake’ your cake in a pressure cooker

Electricity going off when your cake is sitting in the oven and is only half-way through can be one of the worst kitchen nightmares. I was in a similar situation last weekend and did panic initially. But I managed to avert a disaster with my good old pressure cooker coming… Read more »

How to bake the perfect salted caramel brownies

Some of you, I know, have had your fill of salted caramel. You’re sick of finding it in everything from green tea to cider, still unconvinced by the idea of a savoury sweet, and that famous image of Nigella dripping head to toe in sugary, buttery saline goodness leaves you utterly cold. And… Read more »

How to bake the perfect pretzels

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With more aliases than the late lamented Artist Formerly Known as Prince, known variously as brezel, bretzel, brezn and breze as well as the more familiar Anglophone pretzel, the correct spelling isn’t the only thing that’s a bit twisted about this ancient bread. Named originally for the Latin brachium, thanks to its (slight) resemblance… Read more »

Bake this soft focaccia bread this weekend

Growing up, convenience foods were an alien concept for my family. My mother loves to cook; and fresh, home cooked food was something we took for granted. For instance, breakfast would be fresh coriander-flecked poha, steaming hot upma, or aloo paratha topped with homemade butter. Little surprise then that bread… Read more »