Can marital status alter physical activity levels, finds study

While a divorce or a new relationship brings many changes in a person’s life, a new study shows an association with reduced physical activity levels. The findings showed that men who divorced and women who found a new partner reduced their physical exercises. The total number of non-exercise steps was reduced for men who divorced,… Read more »

Just 1 hour on treadmill can boost metabolism for 2 days, finds study

A single workout session consisting of three 20-minute treadmill runs could activate neurons that are important regulators of blood glucose levels and energy balance as well as influence metabolism for up to two days, says a study over mice. The findings showed that a single bout of exercise for mice could boost the activity of energy-burning neurons and… Read more »

DIY aloe vera and honey hair mask for beautiful hair

When your hair undergoes several chemical treatments like rebounding, smoothening, straightening, blow dry, etc. or if it is exposed to sunlight it can definitely lead to dry hair. Your hair becomes unmanageable and more frizzy than your usual texture. You need to take proper care of your hair in order to avoid… Read more »

Here are quick remedies to nourish skin this winter

Most of the people love winter but it is not the same with skin. The hot showers, baths and low humidity levels in the air also contribute to the problem and the impact of all these problems makes the skin cracked, chapped, dehydrated and itchy. Therefore, it is very important that our skin obtains… Read more »

Chatbot Shakti to help women in India fight workplace harassment

In the wake of the recent #MeToo India movement, Silicon Valley-based bot and messaging platform Gupshup on Tuesday launched a chatbot called ‘Shakti’ to helpwomen in India find a voice against sexual harassment. Chatbot Shakti will help guide women on necessary measures that could be taken during an unfortunate event of harassment along with… Read more »

Abusive boss can turn you into a great leader, says study

Do you have an abusive boss at your workplace? If so, take heart. You are more likely to turn out to be a great boss in future, says a study. The study found that when offered leadership opportunities, prior victims of workplace abuse are more likely to treat their own subordinates better by learning from… Read more »

1st baby born from dead donor’s uterus, finds lancet study

In a medical milestone, the world’s first baby has been born using a womb transplanted from a dead woman, a Lancet study says. Following the uterus transplant from a 45-year-old brain dead woman a healthy baby girl was born in 2017, an advance that may open access for all women with uterine infertility, without… Read more »

Infertility duration may affect sperm count, finds research

According to research, a longer duration of infertility leads to lower sperm count and other parameters of impaired sperm production in infertile men. The researchers at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele stated that despite regular sexual intercourse, approximately 15 per cent of couples to fail to achieve a wanted pregnancy within a 12-month period. The… Read more »

No link between fish oil and perioperative bleeding, says study

A recent study has stated that fish oil – which contains the omega-3s(eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) – has no impact on perioperative (time period of surgical procedure) bleeding in surgery patients. The findings appear in the journal Circulation. The researchers, on the other hand, stated that higher blood omega-3 levels were associated with… Read more »

Alcohol intake may cause weight loss in diabetics, says study

Researchers say people with diabetes may experience long-term weight loss by regularly consuming alcohol. Losing weight can help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes according to the study, led by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. Obesity is known to develop a great risk for developing diabetes. The lead investigator Ariana M. Chao, Assistant… Read more »