Avoid high-fat, high-sugar diet if you are trying to get pregnant

A high-fat and high-sugar diet can result in the impairment of future fertility in women, suggests a study. Researchers studied two weight-matched groups of female rats. One group was given free access to a high-fat, high-sugar (HFHS) diet, and the other group was offered unlimited amounts of standard rodent food…. Read more »

Being on the pill can cut ovarian cancer risk

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New types of combined oral contraceptives — containing both oestrogens and progestogens — may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in young women, a study has found. The study, published by The BMJ, showed that this positive effect strengthened with longer periods of use and persisted for several years after… Read more »

Popping an aspirin can reduce spread of cancer

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Aspirin may play a life-saving role in the treatment of cancer, finds a study. Peter Elwood of Cardiff University, who directed the study, said the use of low-dose aspirin as a preventive in heart disease, stroke and cancer is well established but evidence is now emerging that the drug may… Read more »

Depression is bad for your heart, can trigger cardiovascular disease

It is a known fact that depression is on the rise, especially amongst middle aged people. Currently, it is one of the leading causes of health perils across the world. For quite some time now, a link between depression and heart disease has been observed. Like heart disease, depression is… Read more »

Acne stigma can lower quality of life, cause mental distress and headaches

A recent study has associated acne stigma with lower overall quality of life. Females in the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland, study reported greater impairment of life quality and more symptoms than males. A survey of 271 acne sufferers revealed that their own negative perceptions of how society views their… Read more »

3 Products Your Skin Needs To Take On The Festive Season

New season calls for a new skincare routine. No matter how many times you’ve heard this, know that this is a cliche that is actually true. As soon as the weather changes, so should your skincare routine and all the skincare products you’ve been using. With the summer slowly saying… Read more »

4 Natural Beauty Ingredients That Soothe The Skin

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Whether your skin is sensitive, a new product has left it irritated or it is burned from sitting in the sun for too long, it’s always handy to know what can ease it. Beauty has a number of natural ingredients that do just that. They calm irritation and bring relief, no matter… Read more »

After Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma Stuns In A Saree At The Airport

We’ve got to give it to Kangana Ranaut. Besides lighting up the big screen, the Bollywood star is quite the trendsetter. From making nude tones the new black to upping the style quotient of a simple cotton suit, Kangana is responsible for them. But the fashion statement she is most well-known for is… Read more »

Deepika Padukone Takes A Pair Of Jeans And Makes It Ultra-Cool

Talk about staying at the top of the game and Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone knows how to do it right. From her acting skills to her style statements, Deepika never fails to be the centre of attention. The fashionista has surely been having a very stylish season, and we don’t just mean… Read more »

Junk food withdrawal is tough to overcome, as bad as drug addiction

If you are planning to deprive your tastebuds of junk food such as pastries, French fries and pizza, expect to suffer withdrawal symptoms similar to what drugs addicts experience, said a study. The study led by researchers from the University of Michigan (U-M), found that a reduced amount of highly processed foods… Read more »