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4 Natural Beauty Ingredients That Soothe The Skin

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Whether your skin is sensitive, a new product has left it irritated or it is burned from sitting in the sun for too long, it’s always handy to know what can ease it. Beauty has a number of natural ingredients that do just that. They calm irritation and bring relief, no matter… Read more »

Follow these amazing skin and hair care tips

For starters shampoo a maximum of two to three times a week. If you sweat a lot, invest in an alcohol-free and sulfate-free dry shampoo, and cover your mouth while sneezing, coughing and washing your hands frequently to avoid transmitting germs, experts suggest. Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop… Read more »

6 monsoon beauty tips, don’t let waterdrops washout your makeup

As much as your body enjoys the cool breeze that comes with the rains during monsoon, our skin tends to get patchy and the makeup starts dripping due to the increased humidity. That is why, we bring you six tips to avoid patchy foundations, dripping eyeliners and smudging lip colors… Read more »

Yoghurt can help you keep your skin and hair problems at bay

Yoghurt or dahi is one of the most integral parts of our cuisine. We all like to eat dishes like dahi bhalla, yoghurt smoothie, dahi kachori and so on. Yoghurt is a probiotic and can help you keep your gut health in top shape. Yoghurt can also help you get radiant… Read more »

Tips to maintain your beauty despite the downpours

Don’t let rainy days get you down! From less is more to say no to oily skin, experts give a plethora of tips and tricks to maintain your beauty despite the downpours. Debabani Guha, National Trainer L’Occitane En Provence, India, and Gaurav Bhargava, Category Manager, Housejoy list down some tips…. Read more »

Have oily skin? Try this home-made chandan face pack

Although my job profile involves sitting in an AC room, when it comes to spending time outdoors, especially during the harsh summer days, my skin has to bear the brunt. And on top of it, spending time outdoors not only makes it difficult to take care of the skin but… Read more »

Expert Advice On Why Multi-Masking Is A Skincare Must

You’ve probably heard of multi-masking. If not, then you’ve definitely seen pretty faces sporting a multiple hued facial on social media. Multi-masking caught on quickly online but the reality is, it’s so much more than a fad. As Korean naturalism brand Innisfree launched their range of 7 Jeju volcanic colour clay… Read more »

5 Essential Skin Care Tips for Men

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If your routine hasn’t evolved beyond shaving with a razor and washing your face with a cleanser, it’s time you made some changes to your skincare. Keep these tips handy to naturally prevent zits, wrinkles and greasy skin. The basic differences between men and women’s skin include collagen density, texture and hydration, which… Read more »

4 Tips To Remember To Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Tone

A common skin problem that many women face, especially with age, is uneven skin tone. Even if the skin is healthy, excessive sun exposure or medications can leave marks on the skin in the form of age spots and dark patches that are extremely stubborn and takes a lot of… Read more »

How To Use Tea Bags And Tea Leaves For Beauty And Hair

Tea and Indians have an unbreakable bond; we need it every time. While drinking black tea has some health benefits to offer, it is said that applying it on your skin and hair is equally amazing. The anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties present in tea helps keep your skin healthy… Read more »