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5 Beauty Products That You Can Snag From Your Boyfriend

Write it down to shortage of space in the bathroom cabinet or a light wallet at the end of the month; sometimes purchasing new beauty products just doesn’t feature in your plans. In times like these, borrow from your boyfriend. You may hardly believe it’s true but it really is… Read more »

4 Waterproof Kajals To Try This Monsoon

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Ask any Indian girl what their mainstay beauty product is and kajal is certain to feature in their list. It’s simple to use, incredibly versatile and can work its way in many different looks. The only problem arises in monsoon when kajal can’t withstand water and leaves racoon eyes in its wake…. Read more »

5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands That You Didn’t Know About

With the wave of environmental consciousness sweeping across the world, it was only a matter of time until beauty joined in. There’s now a growing number of beauty brands which are sourced thoughtfully and created carefully so that the environment doesn’t have to bear the brunt of our vanity. It’s about time… Read more »

5 Tea Tree Oil Skincare Products To Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Now you can try this famous skincare ingredient in 5 different ways If oily and acne-prone skin is your key concern, you would have definitely heard of tea tree oil. Coming all the way from tea trees in Australia, the oil has a reputation as a skincare superhero. Tea tree… Read more »

Hot in Market: What are BB Creams, Are They Any Good?

Gone are those days when looking good relied heavily on eating right and following a healthy lifestyle. Today, it is all about accentuating your beauty with the help of makeup. Dab a bit of concealer, even it out with face powder, apply some mascara, kohl, liner and a bright lipstick, and you’re good to go… Read more »

9 Homemade Substitutes for Beauty Products You Use Daily

I am sure that most of us have an extremely busy schedule everyday. Given this scenario, we often tend to ignore our beauty problems or rely on market-bought products as a quick fix. The ugly truth is that these products may contain a lot of chemicals that can have damaging… Read more »

Glow, shine and go all natural with organic beauty products

Most of the Indians are striving to live a healthier lifestyle by consuming nutrient-rich food, exercising regularly or by using organic products for their good skin and health. Just the way our body needs good amount of vitamins to feel and look fit, the same way our skin needs to… Read more »

This Website Is Selling All Its Beauty Products For $3

If you love to whip out your Urban Decay Naked Palette and Glossier Boy Brow on the subway for strangers to gawk at, this beauty brand is not for you. But if you couldn’t give a shit about what your products look like — as long as they work and stay within your budget… Read more »

10 Best Beauty Products to Get You Glowing This Summer!

Got all the summer beauty products that will keep you looking all dewy and delicious? As soon as the summer months arrive, you best believe that the celebs already know about the best in beauty that’s going to keep up with their summer plans! The summer’s relaxed less-is-more approach has… Read more »

This edible wine-flavoured nail polish can leave you tipsy but without a hangover

If you are a foodie, you probably know by now that starting from tea, chocolates to lip balms, Prosecco is everywhere. Looks like the madness is going to continue as this Italian sparkling wine that we love has a new variant and it comes in the form of a nail… Read more »