Priyanka Chopra wows all in this edgy black dress at Las Vegas CinemaCon

Priyanka Chopra

By now, it’s safe to say that Priyanka Chopra has aced the art of slaying in stunning attires – be it on the red carpet, making a public appearance or simply slogging it in casuals. This time too, it wasn’t any different! Hollywood’s favourite star at the moment got together with the entire cast of Baywatch for the promotion of the film at Las Vegas CinemaCon and even though there were other celebs present, the only person who caught our attention was Priyanka Chopra.


The black dress with the edgy asymmetrical cuts and hemline accentuated her curves well. Chopra accessorised it well with a pair of black ankle length boots and lovely drop-earrings. Her hair was styled perfectly in beach waves and her make-up was kept simple with a soft blush of pink on her cheeks, softly highlighted eyelids and a brown lip shade. We think she looked perfect, no complaints here. She is on a roll, we say.


Prior to this, she wowed everybody when she made an appearance on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Flirting with fashion in a mini skirt, Chopra donned a Fendi attire from their summer-spring collection in 2017. She actually looked like a bundle of joy in blue! The 34-year-old wore the navy sheer organza blouse well with the skirt and paired it with matching blue pumps. Celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich did a good job here by styling Chopra in a Samurai topknot and heavy kohled look.

Did You Know These Differences Between Dietitian and Nutritionist?

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Dietitian and nutritionist – These are the two professions that deal exclusively with nutrition, food, diets, and meal plans but they are not all the same. Many use the words dietician and nutritionist interchangeably, but there is a very thick line between these two. In case you wanted to avail help of a professional dietician or nutritionist we propose you keep on reading.

Though both professions require an individual to understand nutrition, diet planning, and food items, saying that they are the same is not justified. In fact, all dietitians can be called nutritionists, but not all nutritionists can be labeled as dietitians.

Let’s figure out the key differences between these two professions:


Before we dive into the major differences, it is necessary to define both professions and the work that is undertaken by the individuals involved in these professions.

  • Dietitian: A dietitian is tertiary qualified in dietetics. It means, he is well-versed with the insights of edibles and their nutrition quantity. He has pursued a degree course wherein he has learned about supervising and assessing professional practice in medical nutrition, public health nutrition, and management of food service.
  • Nutritionist: When it comes to a nutritionist, he usually is a scholar of any number of fields such as nutrition, public health, and food science. He strives to help the mass to achieve optimal health by imparting knowledge on health and food choices.

 Roles of Both Professions


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Since we have clearly defined both professions, their certifications, and degrees above, it’s time to throw some light on their roles.

  • Role of a Dietitian: A dietitian may work on many of the same profiles as nutritionists. For instance, public health, community nutrition, marketing of food industry and nutrition marketing, etc. Apart from working in public domain, he is also qualified to work in private hospitals, clinics, and even in the medical nutrition industry. A dietitian is certified to provide their expert nutrition suggestions and recommendations to people of all ages. He works independently or in sync with adoctor to help people get rid of their medical conditions such as:
  1. Food Allergies
  2. Obesity
  3. Diabetes
  4. Intestinal Diseases
  • Role of a Nutritionist: A nutritionisthas expertisein designing, coordinating, implementing as well as evaluating a number of health issues of people through nutrition and food items. A nutritionist could also be found working in other roles as well, such as:
  1. Nutrition Research
  2. Nutrition Consultants
  3. Nutrition Advisors
  4. Health Promotion Officers
  5. Food Technologist

Their Hunt for Living Differentiates as Well


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Many of us believe that because both dietitian and nutritionist extend their recommendations on food nutrition and healthcare issues, they can be found in a private clinic or working in a hospital. However, this is not the case.

In case of a nutritionist:

  • He may have a D. or M.Phil degree in food and nutrition and could be found working on some research in a lab.
  • Gymnastics, professional swimmers and athletics could be some of the clients of a nutritionist.
  • A nutritionist could also be seen monitoring the food safety and nutrition amount in the catering department of five-star hotels, recreational clubs, etc.

In case of a dietitian:

  • A dietitian can be found working on the profile of a research scientist in the food laboratory.
  • He is also considered for a position of dietitian at health care, medical institutes, school, thehealth department of the government, etc.
  • A dietitian with a post-graduate degree and flair for teaching can also be seen as anassistant professor, professor or lecturer at schools and colleges. The profile demands him to impart lessons on theimportance of healthy eating, nutritional diet, food nutrients and other technical learnings.

Nutritionist, Dietitian and the Thick Line of Difference between Them


Branding both nutrition and dietitian as the same is not justified. This is so because the authorities consider a plenty of different levels of training, exercises, practical and certification before labeling an individual with the tag of either dietitian or nutritionist.  Their roles are different, and their responsibilities are diverse as well.

Now because you know the basic difference points between dietitian and nutritionist, make sure to book an appointment with the right professional and avail his expert advice on your food and nutrition concern. This may seem like a long shot, but they are capable of changing your lifestyle and improving your overall health with just a right diet. Do not underestimate the power of their knowledge and consult with one of them to know what works for you.


Did you know that the dietitian and nutritionist professions are totally different? Have a look at what differentiates these two professions.

AIFW A/W 2017: Here are the top trends you can go for

The Autumn/Winter 2017 edition of Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) might have ended, but it has left behind cues for several looks that one can go for. From going bold with graphic eyeliner to opting for slick hair pony tail, it’s time to experiment with your looks, say experts.

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* Bold graphic eyeliner, Wendell Rodricks’s Arabic winged eyeliner or double flick extended eyeliner on the outer corners.

* Slick hair ponytail and loose strands can help you look effortless chic. This was seen in Pankaj and Nidhi’s show with graphic black eyeliner drawn on the outer contour of the eyes and smudged inwards to give a smokey effect. Though this look still looked more graphic than smokey. A blend of both seemed interesting and not too couture to carry otherwise.

* Tribal boho chic hair. Go for soft waves or curls with a few interesting colour strands to highlight the texture. These might be braids or extensions to make it look interesting.

* Have fun with cute, easy to do half buns. Goes well with almost anything you wear on the casual front. Be it your casual kurtas with denims, shorts, jumpers, boyfriend jeans and t shirt, white shirt and blue denim look. Team it up with bright lips.

* Look by Rina Dhaka with make-up paired with smokey eyes using browns and deep purples. Smokey eyes can never get out of fashion. The lips were bold, mostly reds and fuchsia.

* Namrata Joshipura’s vision was that of a global aesthetic. Her clothing easily translated across geographies and other artificial constructs such as age, race and point of view. The make-up paired was dark smokey eyes with the blusher in bronze. You can opt for this look for an evening party.

Brazilian designer brings out Princess line for Indian market

Princess-like ensembles by Brazilian-born designer Daniella Helayel, whose sapphire blue silk creation was worn by Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton when her engagement to Prince William was announced, will now be available in India.

Daniella Helayel, Daniella Helayel design line, Daniella Helayel brazilian designer, Daniella Helayel kate middleton, Daniella Helayel, Daniella Helayel koovs, fashion, lifestyle, indian express, indian express newsHelayal’s dress line will be available in the country through e-commerce platform, starting May.

Inspired by Kate’s sister Pippa’s much-anticipated wedding, and to coincide with the summer party season, the Princess collection by Helayel will offer seamless day-to-evening wear, read a statement.

Having returned to fashion last year with her new label Dhela, this is her first collaboration with Koovs specifically for young style-conscious women in India.

“I started designing to make clothes that made women feel sexy and confident — clothes that could move seamlessly from day-wear to evening, that looked great and that lasted. I believe that feeling gorgeous, sophisticated and confident should be accessible to every woman,” Helayal said in a statement.

The designer has also created clothes for celebrities like Madonna and Scarlett Johansson.

A Prescribed Drug forWeight Chemical for Weight Loss

Meeting targets and deadlines has led to tremendous increase in blood pressure and other diseases. Sedentary lifestyle is the key to survival and weight gain is the new rule.Weight gain is the stepping-stone to obesity and excess fat, which might turn out to be fatal for the body. This has induced humans to opt for controlled diet and set meals. Some follow it rigorously while the rest opt for easier ways like therapeutic actions. The former often need to work out on a regular basis to stay in shape. However, the latter resort to pills and sprays that are a popular alternative. With increasing demands there has been an increase in intravenous liquids as well which give quicker effects.

Image result for A Prescribed Drug for Weight Chemical for Weight Loss
The therapeutic substance

Often categorized as a Schedule IV drug, Phentermine hydrochloride is a chemical for weight loss. It is used in a lot of weight loss pills and sprays available in the market. Adipex is a common medicine that contains this chemical and has the power to control the users’ appetites. This is prescribed along with light form of workouts for faster reactions! The chemical Phentermine is often classified as a controlled narcotic due to Schedule IV grouping. The chemical is believed to affect the central nervous system and affect the impulses. The impulses usually travel to the cerebral cortex and the reticular activating system of the brain. The reticular activating system is responsible for controlling reflexes and attributes we don’t have control over. These include areas like breathing and hunger, satisfaction and cravings and certain sleeping patterns.

Side effects of the chemical
Although Phentermine hydrochloride is perceived to be safe, doctors and therapists recommend the users to opt for small dose to begin with. Each body has a different mode of operation and system. Therefore, the effect shall vary from person to person and one must have patience. Depending on the body’s reaction to the pill, the dosage needs to be increased. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid this chemical as it might harm the babies. Likewise, kids and teenagers should not consume this chemical at all. People suffering from respiratory disorders, heart problems like blood pressure and hypertension and diabetes should refrain as well. It is a prescription only drug and should be taken as per instructions.

Classification and understanding

The chemical Phentermine hydrochloride is Schedule IV drug and is often grouped with other drugs used for treating obesity and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).According to scheduling, Schedule I is the safest of the drugs while Schedule V is the opposite. Thus, this chemical has a chance of misused and is often classified as a controlled narcotic. It has the potential of being abused and misused with growing dependence for the same. This makes the drug a prescription based chemical and if you happen to see this drug being sold online – treat it as a scam. If you fall prey to this trap, then you might end up buying supplements, which may or may not be useful to the body! Always get a heads up from a medical practitioner before starting this treatment.