The Gigantic influence of Deer Antler velvet spray among the bodybuilders

Deer Antler velvet is the name to express the antler velvet which is being harvested from the antlers (The branched horns on the head of an adult deer (male), which are made of bone) of moose, deer, and elk. Before solidifying the antlers into solid bone, these are removed and the velvet is harvested without harming the animal. Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and amino acids and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins are contained in this. In Korea and Australia, it is sold as a dietary supplement.

Prostaglandins are like hormone produced in the body tissue that aids in controlling blood pressure, smoothening muscle activity, glandular secretion, hormone regulation and inflammation. It has the feature of controlling the substances connected in the nerve impulses transmission, shields the body against infection and regularizes the metabolic rate.

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How does it benefit?

Deer antler spray helps among bodybuilder to gain strength and this spray mimics like an anabolic supplement in the blood stream. IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) presents in the sprays improve cell growth and help in lean mass muscle that’s why it is famous among the body builders. IGF-1 is typically a protein hormone encompasses with more than seventy amino acids. It is a by-product created from the HGH liver synthesis. It supports the body to build and repair the muscles.

IGF-1 supplement consumption is accessed as the mouth spray which is prepared from deer antler extract. The growth factor found in the antler velvet is quite identical to HGH obtained from pituitary gland. One might have noticed while reading the Reviews for bodybuilding which might contain more about this spray.

Traditional medicine used it for improving memory and mental alertness, to heal the wound rapidly, to slow down the aging process, balancing iron levels in the body, joint health restoration and improving libido in both the sexes.

In 1980s Soviet scientists tested the athletes who used the deer antler velvet. The results of the Russian athletes were quite exhilarating and this supplement helped in escalating their strength and muscle mass. The increased strength of Russian athletes shattered the records.

Negative impact

There is some evidence about the usage of deer antler sprays as it increases the estrogen levels. Increased estrogen level in men causes Gynecomastia, obtaining abdominal weight, fatigue, loss of muscle mass and psychological disturbances.

Stomach discomfort, weight changes, tenderness in the breast, headache, and behavioral changes are experienced by women in the increased estrogen level condition. It is advisable that nursing mother and pregnant women are not supposed to intake deer antler velvet in any form. If any woman comes under the case of endometriosis, ovarian, breast and uterine cancer, they are strictly prohibited from the spray or supplements.

Mixed reviews

Though there are positive reviews from the bodybuilders, it is the fact that all products do not contain the same effect. When the oral form of such supplement is taken, it must be digested where the stomach acids will destroy the power of any IGF supplement. The spray will spread the compound of the spray as a mist under the tongue which in turn delivers the increased amount of IGC-1 to the body cells.

The dosage should be taken on the basis of the user’s age, health and other related conditions. Whatever the product is either supplement or sprays the consultation from a health care professional is vital to avoid fatalities. Whenever a user reads the reviews for bodybuilding, mixed reviews about such spray usage could be read.