"Our Own New York Garden"

“As an events producer, I decided to take on all the planning myself. I’m not sure that it’s something I’d recommend – it was pretty stressful – but it worked well for us.

In true New York style, I decided to walk to the venue as I was staying only four blocks away, while Joe took a cab.

When we found The Park, we knew it would be perfect. The venue – which has stunning rooms such as a glass-enclosed atrium – is so magical and transitions from day to night so well. Guests enjoyed cocktails while watching the sunset, before heading downstairs for a candlelit evening feast.

We decided not to have a cake as it was a little too traditional for us. Joe’s cousins nicknamed him ‘Joey Bag O’donuts’ when he was a child, so it was only fitting to have mini bags of donuts for our guests.

For place settings, I had personalised burlap bags made, which I filled with my favourite sweets, Werther’s Original, and tied with twine and lavender.

We wanted to create an intimate, relaxed environment where everything felt informal – as if our friends and family were in the garden of a fabulous home.

We included a pickleback bar (whisky and pickle-brine shots) for after dinner. It sounds horrible, but they’re delicious!

My top tip: Factor in personality and experience when picking your vendors, especially your photographer – you will be sharing that important day with them, too.”

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