The All-Natural Hangover Cure

We’ve heard of brides who equip their guests with Paracetamol in preparation for the-morning-after-the-night-before, but giving them all natural herbal hangover potions – genius!

Faust’s potions are made up of essential ingredients needed to fight the hangover, and come with two vials in each pack, one to drink before bed and one to enjoy in the morning.


The ‘asleep’ potion contains ingredients such as honey to expedite expulsion of toxins and 5hydroxytryptophane to replenish serotonin levels, whilst the ‘awake’ potion contains a blend of ginseng and guarana to boost energy, act as a minor painkiller and help settle your stomach.

What’s more, they’ve created a package especially for weddings, yay! If there’s ever going to be a hangover, it’s going to be after a wedding, right? Free delivery and wrapping kits are offered for all orders over £100 and as a special treat they’ll add Faust’s Revitalizing Face Spray and a silk eye mask for every bride.

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