Natural Beauty

Your wedding day is not a time to test out a new beauty regime, nor is it the right day to experiment with a different make-up style. That said, the ‘natural’ look is growing in popularity and one many brides-to-be are looking to imitate come w-day.


That ‘natural look’ phrase is quite misleading though, because it implies little to no make-up is used, when in fact it is quite the opposite. It just so happens to be artfully placed to appear as though invisible.

To show us how to master this delicate balance of subtle yet endlessly enhancing make-up is British beauty brand Illamasqua’s International Trainer Ross Andrewartha.

If the finished look here is still not ‘natural’ enough for you, simply go a few shades lighter on your eyes and lips, but the focus on flawless skin will be the same.

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