The Brides Beauty Awards

When we began compiling Brides‘ first-ever Bridal Beauty Awards, we didn’t just pick the prettiest pink lippy or the latest high-tech mascara in our (admittedly full) beauty cupboard.


Esther Haase


From the feedback of our 20 expert make-up artists, we selected the three most popular suggestions for each type of product (from bronzer to mascara and primer), giving us a set of 30 brilliant contenders. And who could we possibly ask to judge these? Only the most discerning brides-to-be working in and aroundBrides HQ, of course. From Glamour to Vogue, this is the glossiest posse we could access – a group of modern, super busy women running the world’s most glamorous magazines, all of them surrounded by luxury every day – and with their very own wedding to plan, their standards are through the roof.


‘It’s an honour to be part of this feature,’ says make-up artist Leigh Blaney. In fact, everyone we approached got back to us within minutes, thrilled to share their best buys. ‘There are thousands of products on the market, so it’s hard to know where to start,’ says Brides‘ cover make-up artist Sarah Brock. ‘To have so many experts give their advice is priceless.’ With eight weeks to trial all 30 products each, the brides-to-be’s list of winning favourites is finally through. Are you ready for the most thorough, useful and important make-up shopping list of your life? Here we go!

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