New Year health resolutions: Why can’t we keep up to them?

What’s the one word that’s most synonymous with a new year? Resolutions! Over the years I’ve realised that most of the time when we make a resolution, we think it’s coming from an internal motivation – a ‘push’. In fact, more often than not it is being ‘pulled’ from us externally… Read more »

Stroke: Biomarkers that could help in diagnosis of irregular heart beat condition identified

Researchers have identified two biomarkers that could help in the diagnosis of a irregular heart beat condition that raises the risk of stroke. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common heart rhythm disturbance, affecting over 30 million people worldwide.  But it is often detected only after someone has had a stroke. The… Read more »

Focus more on your diet than exercising to lose weight

For those planning to hit the gym to lose weight, take note. A new study suggests that diet is far more important than physical activity including walking, fidgeting and formal exercise. The reason is because exercising increases appetite especially with prolonged endurance exercise or with weight lifting that can ultimately sabotage… Read more »

Survey: Over 50 per cent of Indian women are sedentary

While men and women in India are largely physically inactive, women were found to burn less calories than their male counterparts, finds a survey of over one million Indians. The survey — “Physical activity levels of Indians” by HealthifyMe, the domestic health and fitness app — showed that 53 per cent… Read more »

6 die due to Kyasanur Forest Disease or monkey disease in Karnataka

Six people have died due to Kyasanur forest disease. Two people including, 18-year-old girl Shwetha and 50-year-old Ramakka died on Saturday. Both were admitted to a private hospital in Shivamogga. In view of the disease outbreak, Bharatiya Janata Party state president BS Yeddyurappa and MLA of Sagara Haratalu Halappa rushed… Read more »

Here is what you should be eating to protect yourself against the harsh winter

Winter brings with it a number of health issues, from dry skin and common colds to joint pains and respiratory troubles. Things get worse because of the pollution in the air. So it is important to prepare your body to battle with winter health issues by improving your immunity. One of… Read more »

Your computer could be injuring your vertebrae!

A research by San Francisco State University has revealed that checking your posture every now and then will help reduce strain on your neck, back, spine and vertebrae, if you use computers regularly. The researchers said that working on computers can lead to headaches or neck and backaches. Sitting at a computer… Read more »

“Morning people” have better chances of getting pregnant

Planning motherhood? Becoming a morning person could make it easier to conceivethan for night owls, says a study. It could be because “morning people” have better chances of getting pregnant because they tend to be healthier with fewer illnesses, explained researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK. “By and… Read more »

Painless method to monitor glucose levels for diabetics discovered

Researchers have designed a microneedle patch for people with diabetes to enable them to monitor their glucose levels throughout the day in a “painless” manner. Continuous monitoring is a way to safely and reliably lower blood glucose – giving the user a full picture of their glucose levels throughout the day and helping them avoid… Read more »

Spirulina could help reduce high blood pressure

According to a new research published in the journal Hypertension, spirulina, made from algae, could help to reduce blood pressure. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the superfood, described as the “most complete food source in the world”, contains a specific protein which was found to relax arteries in the… Read more »